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Not bad at all. - 82%

UltraBoris, August 14th, 2002

This album is not nearly as awful as people would like to think it is. In fact, I dare say it's better than Keeper I, in that there is more content and less filler. The content isn't quite as strong, but it is close. Even the closing ballad, "Your Turn" is pretty decent, and completely blows away "A Tale That Wasn't RIght".

Best song: you'd be surprised, it's "Heavy Metal Hamsters". Totally and completely well-written, despite the goofball title. "Kids of the Century" and "The Chance" are also very nice. There are no overtly bad songs on here, really. Sometimes I have no idea what they are trying to say lyrically ("I'm Doing Fine Crazy Man"???) but the music is solid.

A very good album. Oh and the album cover makes no fucking sense either. Learn to deal with the absurd.