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An oddity, but better than some people say. - 86%

Doomrock, March 26th, 2006

Pink Bubbles Go Ape made the Helloween fans of the day curse the name of Kai Hansen for jumping ship on the band. Helloween was left for dead, but thankfully they've fought their way past the stigma to return as one of the great power metal bands. This certainly isn't their best work, but I don't feel it's as bad as some people have said.

There are some gripes here. I find it hard to believe that Chris Tsangarides produced this album and Judas Priest's Painkiller. Painkiller has a clear, crushing sound, and this album sounds like it was filtered through a bed blanket. Maybe JP had a better budget and studio support, or maybe Chris was shooting up a lot during the making of this album. It really just doesn't sound very good. It also doesn't help any with the inclusion of Heavy Metal Hamsters. Michael Weikath was outraged that this song made the final pressing of the album, and for good reason. It sucks. Certainly the metal community agreed, as nobody ever made a Black Metal Gerbils or Death Metal Bunnies. Rodents and metal just don't mix.

I'm Doin' Fine, Crazy Man is no gem either. It has a really annoying chorus, and was probably also better off not being recorded. The intro to the album you can also slot into the garbage category. It's not quite the same warmup as they had on the Keeper albums or even Irritation from Master of the Rings. The lyrics to it are nonsensical and dumb, and the goofy little music to it is stupid as well. It's like the type of thing you and your buddies would record under the influence, and only play back for laughs. Helloween felt it was good enough to start the album. Why?

Now that I'm done bashing the bad of this album, there is some definite good here. Mankind is a great song, as well as Goin' Home, a strange song to say the least but one of my favorites on here. It's a lot of fun. Kids of the Century and Back On the Streets are decent, as is Number One. The Chance seems to be the only song here that the band wants to hang their hat on, as it was on the Treasure Chest collection, but there are other good songs here too.

Overall this is an enjoyable album, though not their greatest work. A worthwhile purchase to round out your Helloween collection, as there are some great songs here to enjoy. Don't be fooled by the retarded album title and lame artwork, this album really isn't as bad as those would imply. I like it a lot, despite it's faults.