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Forgive them, for they know not what they do... - 36%

UltraBoris, August 24th, 2002

Man, does this album completely suck or what! That's okay, though - they designed it to completely suck. Well, at least, they were well aware that the songs on here are not metal, and for the most part are pop, and even when Helloween redoes them, they are still pop.

So yeah, this album has some REAAALLLYY questionable song selections. Some of the songs are decent, but others just blow ass. And yes, as general principle, all the good songs were done originally by metal or classic rock acts (ie Jethro Tull)... well, not really, they chose some a really shitty Deep Purple and a far below average Beatles song to cover, and also... "He's a Woman, she's a Man". Ya know what, EVERY band from Helstar to Helloween to bands whose names do not have veiled references to the less (more?) preferrable afterlife option have done this song. And it still sucks, because it's such a cheesy fucking song, because the Scorpions were sometimes such a cheesy fucking band.

The rest... "Locomotive Breath" is decent, and so is "Hocus Pocus". "Rat Bat Blue" was such a fucking bad song, and stays that way. "Space Oddity" was too weird a song to be covered by a generally non-fucked-up band like Helloween. "All My Loving" was okay, and stays that way too. "White Room" is done quite well, and then the highlight of this album has to be Frank Fucking Marino's "Juggernaut". Frank Who? Never mind, the cover is speed metal. Which is what this album so badly needs. But nooooo, there's stupid Abba shit... and mmore crap. Who the fuck is Babe Ruth. Oh and Faith no More - that band always sucked, silly modern shit that couldn't consistently fucking rock if their life depended on it. This is one of their worse songs, no "Digging the Grave" here.

Yeah, this album seriously blows ass. Sure, it's great for the "open minded" people that accept all sorts of crap, but ya know, the people that listen to Helloween, especially after they put out Better than Raw, want them to fucking rock ass.

Oh yeah I heard that this was done to appease the record label, who wanted one more album out of them. So yeah, no more live albums, way to give 'em an album of dumb covers. Capitalism at its finest - who screws who and who laughs last. Helloween's laughing all the way to the Dark Ride. Note that they never performed any of this drivel live.