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Damn! why not a real live double album? - 95%

morbert, April 15th, 2008

Yes, there is a big complaint here! Why only seven songs? Just because the studio album was called Keeper Of The Seven Keys? That would be lame! Why not a double album? Seven songs is far from enough! The sound and performance as heard here could have led to a ‘Live-After-Death-ish’ masterpiece of power metal if it would have been a double album with many, many more songs. (For instance were are “Eagle Fly Free” and “Twilight Of The Gods” or even “Victim Of Fate” !?!)

Anyway, just great songs to be found here and obviously the three most sing-a-long-able tracks from the Keeper albums are here (“Dr. Stein”, “Future World” and “I Want Out”) but filling an album with these songs is like Maiden only playing the eighties singles and no obscure or epic songs.

Fortunately there is a big surprise here. Such a big one it makes the album perfect almost by itself. We are talking “How Many Tears” ladies and gentlement. One of the best two songs Weikath has ever written in his career! Hearing this massive live version with ‘big’ drums, a broad guitar sound and of course Kiske on vocals makes one release how flat the original studiorecording actually was. Talking about Kiske, check out the second time he repeats the chorus at the end of the song (“But before the world turns into a sun”) and takes the vocals even an octave higher. Mindblowing! Goosebumps people. One of the best vocals performances ever on a live album! And what a performance by Ingo Schwichtenberg on this song as well. So immensly powerful and tight.

Can you imagine what the entire Walls Of Jericho album would sound like with this massive sound and Kiske on vocals !?! My god that would have been divine! At least why not a live version of “Ride The Sky” on this album? With this sound and Kiske it would be just as magnificent as How Many Tears obviously.

Also notbale is how good “A Little Time” and “Rise and Fall” actually sound with a bigger guitar sound! The live version of “We Got the Right” once again proves the quality of not only Kiske but the band as a whole.

This album is too damn short!