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Best power metal album ever part 2 - 99%

morbert, April 15th, 2008

After Keeper part 1 the world had gotten accustomed to a different Helloween. Just as powerful at times but more varied, melodic and certainly more original. Part two is longer than its predecessor and the writing balance has levelled. Weikath and Kiske wrote more songs this time. This results in part 2 being slightly more varied than part 1 already was.

The Hansen songs are briliant as usual (although he would make some mistakes later on during the first few Gamma Ray albums of course). Following the success of Future World we have “I Want Out ” this time which is just as good, features some good riffs and melodies and a very catchy chorus. And just like Twilight of the Gods on part 1 there’s a raging song here as well called “March of Time”. Again a beautiful blend between early fast Helloween and the divinity called Michael Kiske.

Weikath has woken up and delivers 4 tracks instead of 1 this time. With “Dr Stein” he presents a funny and catchy little sing-a-long that does well in a live setting. His highlight however is the mightly “Eagle Fly Free” which easily is the best song on the album. Once again we’;re dealing with a very fast old school Helloween song on which Kiske can excel. “Rise and Fall” is simply good. It has a great neoclassical verse and the bridge has a certain Queen feeling. The chorus is catchy and uptempo. A great composition. Lastly we have the title track. Though not even close to the earlier epic “Halloween” this song also holds some great ideas. The bridge however is slightly too slow and the chorus not that strong. The rest of the song fortunately makes up for it.

Also this time Kiske has written some more. We’re talking 2 instead of 1 song by the way. “We Got The Right” is majestic. Starts of sounding like a ballad but quickly progresses into an epic pounding waltz with strong riffing and obviously briliant vocals. The builp-up of this song a marvellous and here were can really hear Kiske at his peak. Unfortunately his other song, “You Always Walk Alone”, is the weakest one on the album. Not saying it also is a bad song because it would easily crush everything on Chameleon for instance, but on this album it lacks the geniality of the rest of the songs. Kiske vocals however turn this average song into a worthy one. Just to give you an indication of how important his vocals actually are!

Before I forget. When I finally also bought the CD version next to my LP I got my hands on the bonustrack “Save Us” which I believe is a Hansen composition? It sure as hell sounds like one. Fast, furious and a more than beautiful middle section (check out Kiske singing “Far from down below one comes prepared to take us all waiting for his future and the final call” and you’ll know what I mean) before plunging into great harmonies and classic leads.

Like I said in my review of part 1: No use writing an epistle. Just go get this album right away. (together with part 1 obviously)