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A fabulous continuation of the first epic album!! - 95%

aplws, January 3rd, 2005

The second part of the groundbreaking Keeper Of The Seven Keys part I! To be fair (without being influenced by the love and respect I have for this album) PartII wasn't as good as the first one, but nevertheless a record containing some of the best known power/speed metal songs ever written!

The album continues with the same energy and structure of songs but with more ideas from guitarist Weikath and less of Kai Hansen and a slightly more progressive and commercial feel. All in all a wonderful conclusion to the first part.

"Eagle Fly Free" is considered the best power metal song ever written, comprising of dual guitar solos,perfect vocals,a bass and drum solo. "Dr. Stein" is a wonderful, melodic, funny(lyrics) and classic song. "March Of Time" is a technical, also melodic and strong power tune. "I Want Out" is a pop (catchy), heavy metal song that fulfills its purpose. "We Got The Right" is a strong power-ballad were Michael Kiske shines, delivering a breathtaking performance filled with melodic and high-pitched vocals. Finally the title track has some magnificent ideas but it sadly can't surpass the masterpiece "Halloween" of part I (the chorus is a little cheesy).

Musically the album is still characterized by fast double-bass drumming, twin-guitar melodic reefs and solos, outstanding vocals and fantasy lyrics-themes.
The production is slightly better than the first part, as the album sounds tighter and kind of clearer. The band sounds a bit tighter compared to their previous relish, but that maybe due to the better production.

Michael Kiske has surely glued in the band and his charismatic voice gives you the chills throughout the whole album (he sings higher than ever, hitting all possible notes with great precision)!

The only minor drawback in this album are the tracks "You Always Walk Alone" and "Rise and Fall" witch cannot by any means be considered bad songs, but just don't seem to fit here...And the other being that most of the song writing was done by Weikath, who is a exceptional songwriter and guitarist but not as good as Hansen.

This is a classic and groundbreaking record in the history shelves of metal, together with part I. A source of inspiration and influence to countless bands to follow.
This is also the last chapter in the Hansen - Helloween (80's) glorious era, from where onwards the band went downhill (in my opinion).

A MUST HAVE for any power/speed,heavy metal and open-minded hard rock fan.