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Not Just Sing-along Album...? - 50%

Ricochet, November 28th, 2006 might wonder if you play this album for first few moments. Greatest Helloween hits without vocals appear to be a valuable instrumental pleasure, bringing new point of view at Helloween's production.

Not distracted by vocal, you can fully submerge into professional musical skills of the band. And there are quite a few (so far unnoticed) points at which you'll marvel at its genius. I found myself listening carefully, with new-born interest, to many songs "worn off" long time ago.

Of course, there is a catch (that's why my 50% rating). For whatever reason, the sound engineers did not remove the backing vocals from most tracks. Result is a beautiful instrumental song disrupted by weak squeaky vocals usually barely audible in the background. These backing vocals are generally not pleasant and I don't think they are very helpful even when singing along at the party (those of you who tried, correct me if I'm wrong).

However, if you don't mind those irritating minor vocals and if you have affinity to instrumental music, you'll find the album to be a new and refreshing experience.