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Useless single - 50%

Wra1th1s, April 28th, 2009

Singles are an odd thing, they generate interest in a band and sometimes they prove to be a treasure trove of rare tracks and oddities. Yet some singles have no genuine purpose. Take this one for example, Helloween's sole non-album single. The titular song is pretty decent, shoulda been on Walls of Jericho. And yes, it really does sound like an improved "Murderer." The lyrics are pretty interesting because it's anti-establishment/government/whatever which deviates from the Helloween norm of erectile dysfunction (Rise and Fall,) Charlie Brown (Halloween,) or fantasy lark (the rest.)

The live tracks aren't live, in fact you can tell when the split between concert audio and studio audio occurs, "Intro/Ride the Sky" is very noticeable. It starts off with the "Starlight" intro then a gap occurs and BAM! "Ride the Sky" is spliced in. I guess it's only notable for "Judas" and not the two faux-live tracks.

I gave it 50% because of "Judas" and the choice of bonuses. If those were real live tracks then this would get a high 70/low 80. No point in tracking this down, all three are in the Walls of Jericho remaster. Buy the actual single if you're a collector or simply must have anything with "Helloween" on the cover.