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The best of the U.K. performance. - 90%

hells_unicorn, July 9th, 2007

This single represents the premier performance from the last release by Helloween with Kai Hansen in the fold. In every respect it featured the band at their absolute best, with Michael Kiske delivering a vocal performance so flawless and so close to the original that you wonder if he was lip syncing to the whole thing and the surrounding musicians providing a tight arrangement that any live performance ought to be measured by.

The guitar tone on here is absolutely amazing, particularly the husky, vocal like quality of Kai’s sound during the guitar solo. The bass on here has been elaborated a lot, something that Markus does often on every tour, and is particularly noticeable during the buildup before the final chorus. The only drawback to the fold is that Ingo’s snare drum sound is a little thin, but that is likely the result of outdated live recording equipment which is not to be found on the latest Helloween live releases.

Unfortunately this single has become so rare in the past 18 years that I doubt anyone would be able to locate it, I myself have only heard of it through this site and thus am reviewing it based on what I heard on the full live release “Live in the U.K.”. Treat this as an additional nod to pick up that album, as the few remaining owners of this probably have it locked up at Fort Knox. If you do own this and are not particularly attached to it, I would advise looking into getting it appraised; there might be some collectors who would pay a lot more than what you original paid to obtain it.