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Some good stuff already - 80%

morbert, April 16th, 2008

The first Helloween EP already holds some good songs and ideas. Though not as heavy yet as they would become on their full length debut “Walls Of Jericho” this EP has some more NWOBHM elements left in the songs but manages to rage from time to time as well.

The problem with opener “Starlight” is that it takes about a minute to sit through the intro which is fantasticly dull. The song itself reminds of NWOBHM orientated early Metallica songs except for Hansen’s vocals obviously. The vocal lines are memorable and the chorus is strong. The song could have been slightly shorter though.

“Murderer” has a very strong intro before going into a strong uptempo speed metal anthem. The vocal lines are catchy and the chorus is fairly simple but great. Good harmonies in the middle section by the way. This song could have easily made it unto Walls Of Jericho and would have even been one of the best songs.

“Warrior” is almost a pure NWOBHM song. Galloping riffs and horribly bad lyrics. Some nice things to be found here but just like Cry For Freedom the song just doesn’t stand out and is easily forgotten.

Now one of the best songs here is “Victim Of Fate” which, apart from some Clive Burr-ish drums, is reminiscent of the somewhat heavier Walls Of Jericho style and is strong speed metal from start to finish. Only weakspot on the song is the weird first middle section with spoken lyrics which lacks atmosphere and suffers from poor vocals. The Iron Maiden solo section however makes up for this.

“Cry for Freedom” has a lengthy intro before plunging into a nice speed metal song with especially some good riffs. The vocals are unfortunately somewhat motonone and the chorus is lacking. One of the lesser good songs here.

Well, 3 out of 5 songs are great and the other two aren’t really bad but adequate fillers. Quite a decent start.