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Starlight, fallin' in deep through your eyes! - 80%

Wra1th1s, April 13th, 2009


Hot damn, if there ever was a song that justifies an EP's price it's that one. Truly magnificent speed/power metal.

There's 5 songs (plus one joke song,) in total and just like the Death Metal songs, these too kick copious amounts of ass. Based on the solidness of the songwriting and how goddamn awesome they all are I'm tempted to give this a 90+, but something brought it down.

Silly intro kicks the album off, is it necessary for us to hear some dude waking up to the tune of "Happy, Happy Halloween!"? Well at least the rest of the EP is relatively free of bullshit and speeds along at around 150 BPM for 3 songs and then end with 2 'epic' songs (meaning they occasionally slow down just a smidge.) "Starlight" owns you, "Murderer" owns a bit less, "Warrior" just made you his prison wife, "Victim of Fate" owns except for one problem, "Cry for Freedom" ends the EP magnificently.

"Starlight" is the first Helloween song I heard and one of my favorite songs ever because it truly personifies all that is speed/power metal. Long solos, riffs that aren't piss-poor "Freewheel Burning/Ram It Down" rip offs, totally boss bass-playing, everything that is metal is found right here folks. Also the double bass is used tastefully...not like Sonata Arctica or something equally Finnish *koff*Stratovarius*koff*

"Murderer" and "Warrior" is pretty much the logical continuation of "Starlight" and thus should keep you headbanging and air-guitaring 'til the pumpkins come home.

On to "Victim of Fate." Ya see, the problem with this EP is the fact that Kai still has not learned how to sing. His voice is weak, "Victim of Fate" could have been an epic on par with the Keeper epics and "King for a Thousand Years" but his voice is awful here, especially during the chorus and that whispering mid section is very lacking. The version with Michi is so much better than the one here, trust me even if you don't like him the added melodic solo makes up for it.

"Cry for Freedom" starts of all slow and epic but then at 1:52 the band kicks into 78th gear and leaves other bands in the dust. Harmonized solo is also very nice, X-Japan took notes from this band, you should too!

Production is much better than the Death Metal demo (obviously,) and is on par with the following LP. Guitar tone is clearer than Walls of Jericho, or the Death Metal demo so it's not quite as heavy as either of them. Bass is very clear, you can listen to Maggi's b-e-a-utiful bass playing on ALL the songs not like modern metal where the bass is an afterthought. Ingo is very cleverly mixed, loud enough to be heard, soft enough to not bury the other instruments. Kai's voice is prominent, but the guitars are more prominent. Thanks Herr Producer!

Very nice EP, and since you have Walls of Jericho this EP's in there too! Ah yes, I forgot about the surprise track. It's "White Christmas," though it starts of with the Halloween theme (yes the one with Shatner, er Mike Myers, er that serial killer bloke) apparently Michi's on it, didn't know that.

For an EP it really doesn't get any better than this. Get it, not rare at all since it's in every reissue of Walls of Jericho.