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Where the power metal legend of Helloween began... - 93%

Nightcrawler, October 18th, 2002

These five songs are actually more speed than power metal, but they still got that distinct Helloween sound.
This lineup works perfectly together, but they've had one even better lineup- the one with Michael Kiske.
But on this one, it was Kai Hansen. And he is not bad, not at all. Actually, he is bloody amazing! But I have to warn those who haven't heard him - he has a very special voice, and it takes some time getting used to it. But when you do, it's definitely worth it. His raw, high-pitched voice fits the raw, melodic speed metal on here perfectly.

It starts out with Starlight, which is just furious speed metal. Fast as hell guitar and bass riffs, with insane vocals, mindblowing solos and great lead guitars. An insane opener for an insane album.

Next up, we have Murderer, which is slightly better than Starlight. A classic intro here- First comes guitar number one, then guitar two, then the bass, and finally the drums. This can never go wrong as an opening.
This song is just as fast as Starlight, and it has a much better chorus, with great backing vocals. The solo here is incredible. Very melodic and fast as hell, just the way I like it.

Warrior is the third song, and the second best of the bunch. Mindblowing shit!
It begins with sounds of machine guns, and soon a crazy guitar riff kicks in.
The song contains a bloody fast, galloping riff.
Another brilliant guitar solo accompanies this song as well. This album contains some of the best guitarwork ever, that can't be denied.

Now, we have reached the best song on the album by far, and Helloween's in my opinion best song, tied with Halloween.
The song opens with a crack of thunder and maybe the best fucking guitar riff EVER! It totally rips!
Kai's vocals here are amazing, and the lyrics are great too.
The chorus is filled with such, anger, emotion and intensity, it amazes me more with each listen.
And after a while, comes the evil, and most excellent bridge. Kai whispers the evil words, and sends shivers down my spine whenever I hear it, and is closed by a menacing scream, brought to you by the one and only Kai Hansen. After this bridge, we get two amazing guitar solos, with a chorus in the middle. And I almost forgot to mention this - the drumming on this song is insane! This song, my friends, is musical perfection.

Now that I'm done praising Victim Of Fate, we can move on to the final song of this little EP: Cry For Freedom.
It begins with a beautiful guitar melody, and Kai Hansen shows the more emotional side of his vocals. But, after a while, it speeds up. Of course.
Crazy guitar riffing, piercing vocals and great background choirs accompany this song.
The entire song is more melodic than the rest of the album, and just as great.
The song, and EP, is closed by a totally mindblowing scream in a way no one but Kai Hanses could deliver it.

The EP was later to be added to Walls Of Jericho on a cd edition, which also contains the single Judas from 1986 (I own that version). It's all crammed up in one amazing cd, which is a must-have for all fans of speed and/or power metal.