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Helloween's Best Song: The Bad Version - 2%

Heavytotheextreme101, April 13th, 2013

One of Helloween's best songs of all time and the best song on Keepers of the Seven Keys Pt. 1, was cut down about 8 minutes long, simply because the record company didn't want to release the song as a whole on the single because it wasn't commercial to do something like that. Well, they actually took an awesome song and made it really bad and uneven throughout. While the music was still great, of course, the song just didn't sound right at all! Oh well, at least this wasn't the version that was released on the Keepers Pt. 1 album.

Now, why does this song, an awesome 13-minute epic, now sound like it was thrown together by a wannabe power metal band that thought it would sound "cool" because it was "commercialized"? Well, since the song, as already stated, is incredibly long, shortening it into a five-minute single was just a bad idea in the first place, even though it "pleased" the record company. Since it was released anyways, many listeners had to sit through it. The song is completely uneven, with most of the middle and end of the song being taken out, removing most of the powerful and attention-grabbing solos on what was a masterpiece. And to make matters worse, they didn't even use the original intro of the song, they used "Invitation", the intro track to "I'm Alive" on Keepers Pt.1, making the song even more unsteady and uneven.

This single isn't worth owning and should have never been released. What's even worse about it is that the single doesn't even have any B-sides on it to make up for the uneven monstrosity that was once known as "Halloween". Getting this would just be a waste of money, even for those die-hard Helloween fans out there.

Corporate machinations results in castration! - 30%

Wra1th1s, April 28th, 2009

Eugh, I take back my review of Judas. At least that single had a rare track and two of the best songs from Walls of Jericho. This one on the other hand blows complete ass. There's not even B-sides or nothin', just a neutered version of "Halloween."

I gotta hand it to the guys, they were mature enough to let the record company make an edit of the monumental "Halloween" just to get some airtime on MTV. The edit gets rid of most of the middle, and cuts straight to the "I am the one doom's in my hand" part. It also splices parts of "Invitation" for half a minute before the song proper begins. Well at least they didn't cut the legendary HARMONY SOLO! Yes it's still there, but I'm pretty sure it's truncated.

So yeah, this is a pointless single. It serves only to fan the flames of hate against record labels. Buy it for the shape if you want, but all in all it's as useless as can be. Gets points for keeping the verse riff, the harmony solo and the end solo.

Pointless. - 60%

PhantomLord86, April 18th, 2007

This single is actually pointless: it features only a edited version of the long epic Halloween and really doesn't do much... it really isn't worth tracking down unless you are one of those ultra-fans that MUST have everything Helloween ever released. By the way, I don't have this single, I have the expanded version of Keeper I that has this song as a bonus track.

This version takes away much of the epic feeling from the original version, and turns it into a common, non-spectacular song. The long instrumental passages are gone and the structure has been simplified, making it almost radio-friendly.

I really don't recommend that you track this single. It's a good song but the long version is far superior.