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Instant Classic. - 90%

hells_unicorn, February 11th, 2007

During the later 90s when my Metallica worshipping days were coming to a slow end, I began seeking better music to mold my guitar and bass playing (at the time I was playing bass in an all Metallica cover band). A lot of the better stuff I got I had to import from Japan, particularly this re-release of an old Helloween classic from part one of the Keeper series and the single for the up and coming new album “Better than Raw”.

Future World is obviously one of the happier songs that Kai Hansen put together during his tenure with the band, featuring a simple chord progression with a simple signature riff, not all that different from his more angst driven anthem “I want out”, though with a brief filling display at the end to close out what is quite a catchy song.

The new version of “Starlight” is vocally an improvement over its original incarnation with Kai doing the vocals, mostly because Kai voice was not quite as powerful and mature as it is on his Gamma Ray material. Michael Kiske definitely gave the band its mainstream appeal with his cleaner yet still eccentric/quasi operatic vocal style. The different version of “A Little Time” is a bit shorter, but still the same melodic anthem featuring a short solo interchange and an infectiously catchy chorus.

Japanese re-releases of old Helloween material are a godsend for Power Metal freaks like me because they always have plenty of additional perks. If you liked the sound of the Keeper albums and want to hear what a classic Kai Hansen era song sounds like with different vocals, it would definitely be worth it to track this single down.