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Good single choice. - 85%

PhantomLord86, April 18th, 2007

hells_unicorn pretty much summed it up: Future World is a song that screams "I'm written by Kai Hansen", with its simple chord progressions, catchy chorus, goofy interlude, and two nice melodic solos. It's very happy, in the same mood as 'I Want Out', the infamous song from the Keeper II album.

The Kiske version of Starlight is so damn superior to the old one... Michael has a voice that is way superior to Kai's (at least until Kai began to sing pretty good in Gamma Ray), and the sound is cleaner as well, making the song very enjoyable. He might have been 18 at the time of this recording, but he sure had a very good and almost operatic voice unlike Kai's immature and powerless one found on Walls of Jericho.
The song is full of riffs and kicks some serious ass, even more than the old version.

The different version of 'A Little Time' is a bit shorter than the original and doesn't do much for me, I can't notice anything different other than the duration.

This is a good single and worth tracking down because of the second song, though nowadays you may get it by buying the remastered and expanded version of Keeper I.