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I Don't Know How Good "Raw" Actually Is But... - 81%

elfo19, March 6th, 2008

Helloween-Better Than Raw

I expressed my dislike for ‘The Dark Ride’ in my review for that album and also in that review praised ‘Gambling With The Devil’. This album is quite similar to those two albums, not musically, but structurally. All three of these albums start with a short introduction (however this album has the best of the three) and then it goes into a very heavy song, that is usually the worse on the album. Well, ‘Dark Ride’s second song is actually very good, but the other two go like this. ‘Gambling’s “Kill It” and this album’s “Push” are both extremely aggressive songs that I dislike. However , the rest to this album is good.

There’s an eight minute song thrown in, a couple slower ones, and a bunch of catchy metal tunes. Sounds like your typical, enjoyable Helloween album. I would say so. And this album is enjoyable. There’s a great song called “Time” that I really enjoy and “Lavdate Dominvm” is interesting because of the language it’s sung in. Pretty much all the songs will entertain any fan of the Deris-era Helloween. As I have said, “Push” sucks and there’s a weird song called “Don’t Spit On My Mind” that doesn’t thrill me, but the album is steady.

There is one problem though, it’s just not interesting. I’d already heard several Deris-era Helloween albums when I got this one, and to tell you the truth, this one sounds the same. It’s great for a band to come out with a new album with a fresh batch of songs that hark back to their old albums but, this was released over ten years ago. I’m trying to collect theses albums, and I’m starting to wonder why,. I won’t listen to this often and I don’t like it as much as their latest. I don’t think I will be buying any other Deris-era albums that have already been released, because I don’t think it’s worth it.

Although, there is one reason to praise this album and it comes down to a single song. The song is called “Hey Lord!” and it kicks ass. It sounds different, fresh and unique. How magnificent! The song opens with something that sounds like violins and then has the thumping bass drum before it kicks in. This songs plays and feels like no other Helloween song. There are, what sounds like, song children screaming the title during the chorus, which sounds very cool, and to top it off AndI Deris doesn’t sound like he always does. In fact, none of the members of the band sound the same. All their styles are slightly altered and it just creates an awesome track. What a breath of fresh air!

After listening to “Hey Lord!” I was hoping for some other unique tracks. Well, there’s one that’s somewhat unique. It’s called “Lavdate Dominvm” and it’s sung in I think, correct me if I’m wrong, Latin. Yeah, the dead language. How different! However, it’s not as good a song as some of the others, still, I enjoy listening to it more because it’s different. An interesting note, as others have pointed out also, is that this song’s riff sounds just like the electronic song bit at the end of Napolean Dynamite. Interesting. Besides for that there are no other unique tracks even though I really like “Time“.

This is an album that, if I was asked by someone, I would say it’s pretty good. However, once I dig within myself I see this CD sitting on the shelf for months, collecting dust and remaining unnoticed. I mean, why listen to this when I have the same thing, but better, in the form of ‘Gambling With The Devil’ ?

I give this album an 81, but after listening to ‘Gambling With The Devil’ or a better similar album, I want to give it a 75.