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Screams In The Night - 90%

dallas, February 14th, 2003

I still remember watching the video for "Bad Attitude" on MTV's Headbanger's ball. Back in the day, Hellion had the repuation as being the only metal band with a decent female singer. While fans of Bitch or Wendy O' Williams might take issue, there really has been no female who has been more important to the metal scene than Ann Boleyn. However, she does have a unique voice in the same was as singeres like Halford, King Diamond or Bon Scott. Once you hear her voice, you will never forget it and you will love it or hate it.

I gave this record a 90% because of two things: (1.) the drum solo, which I felt was kind of silly on a studio album, and (2.) "Easy Action" which should have been on a Van Halen album, but not a Hellion album---(it is just too happy).

Other than for those two factors, however, this CD is really an excellent example of metal at it's best. I compare this CD to the 80s stuff by Ozzy and Dio. The guitarist, Chet Thompson, came in to replace Ray Schenck and Alan Barlam, who had played on two earlier albums. I remember people thinking that Ann Boleyn had gone crazy when she decided to replace two guitarists with one----until they heard Chet Thompson! [There have been rumors that Chet was taught by Randy Rhoads and that he was the first pick to fill Randy's shoes, but that Chet did not get along with Sharron. I don't know if that was true, but I believe it if it was!]

My favorite song has got to be one that never received any airplay: "The Tower of Air." This song has a feel that reminds me of Rainbow's "Gates Of Babylon." "The Hand" also could be compared to Dio-era Black Sabbath.

This CD is almost impossible to find--but well worth it if you do.