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Good Release from Forgotten Band - 80%

Shadoeking, May 22nd, 2009

Hellhound is a thrash metal band that came from the Bay Area but was unable to have a lasting impact or even really be able to get a record contract. All of the recordings put out by the band have only been of demo quality. They released only three demos, whose source material was collected to form this compilation probably as a result of the recent thrash resurgence.

The band plays melodic thrash metal in the vein of early Exodus and Testament with plenty of NWOBHM influences. The guitar riffs are fast and gallop along in a similar vein as those of Iron Maiden, although they are more thrash oriented than those of Maiden. There are some more technical riffs heard occasionally and these are also very well-played. The solos are very well-played, similar to those of Megadeth, albeit not with the same speed.

The drumming is good, although not a focal point of the music. Sometimes the drums a are a little high in the mix, but this is more due to the demo quality of the recording. The bass playing is clearly audible and is frequently playing something to accentuate the guitar riffs. The rhythm section is very good and manages to keep things interesting while keeping the time for the guitarists.

The vocals are higher pitched and similar to those of Erik Knutson of Flotsam and Jetsam. His vocals are a little weaker, but he matches the music well and that is the most important thing for thrash metal.

All in all, this is a good release which encompasses this forgotten band’s entire discography. It is a lot easier to find than the demos, and is recommended for those that want to hear some real authentic, but unknown Bay Area thrash.