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NECRO times a million - 90%

UltraBoris, September 8th, 2003

Grim, kvlt. Possibly the grimmest and kvltest stuff ever laid onto tape. Oh fuck yes... this is just so completely epic and essential and dark and HEAVY FUCKING METAL and ... imagine Venom, but darker. Possessed, but more primitive. Black Sabbath, but rawer. The basic lineage of what metal is and represents runs solidly through HERE.

For being a short little EP, this is nothing short of majestic. Something that harkens back to the beginnings of metal itself, and would be echoed in a thousand later attempts, some more successful than others. The Triumph of Death - the title says it all... a celebration of all that is dark and blasphemous and Satan and krieg. GRAAAHH!!!!!! Twisted vocals channel Hell itself - slow doom crunch turns into a midpaced frenzied beating of the senses - riff after solid riff delivers the assault, with the key "fast" (I use the term loosely) riff being almost a morbid, necrotic refraction of the classic heavy/power crunch riff. Imagine "Megalomania"'s middle section, but played by zombies. Possibly the darkest song ever, with the exception of course of the first: "Black Sabbath" itself.

And the rest is no slouch either... speed metal The Third of the Storms evokes the first Bathory LP and predicts the second with its Venom stylings, combined with the same darker guitar tone that makes THIS be a cut above the other black/speed offerings of the era. Massacra is similar stuff - fast, brutal, cutting. Horus and Aggressor combine into one song - a final closing in speedish fashion - the two first songs, and the last double-song framing the Triumph, speed metal bookends for a doom classic.

If you don't like this, you don't like heavy fucking metal. Plain and simple.