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Evil beyond words... - 95%

Snxke, July 10th, 2004

"Apocalyptic Raids" is a triumph. Influential, violent beyond words and blacker than black this CD defines "necro" and "cult" in ways that I can barely begin to put to words. Vile...violent...bitterly recorded...what more could a man ask for? Tom G. Warrior was never more aggressive and motivated as he was here. Sure, the production "bites" (hey, this is "necro" you morons) but the feel is so raw and violent that you can't deny the overall mood and vibe. The playing is competant, and this allows the music to flow with a violence that captured the best parts of what would remain in Celtic Frost, but enhance them with a feeling that was long lost by the time of "To Mega Therion". Double-time-doom-black-metal. Nobody did this better than Hellhammer...

The record explodes forth with the dominating "The Third of Strms" and follows with the meaty "one-two" punch of Massacra. Both tracks hammer along like hell's jackhammers on the inside of your skull. The moodier "Triumph of Death" and the drum-oriented "Horus/Aggressor" also work quite well. That's right folks...there is NO filler here! The best song is saved for being the ultra aggressive "Messiah". Never before did Tom G. Warrior pound along with such aggressive tones. This sadly, suffers slightly from the performance being a little off...but with songwriting like this who can complain? The riffs have yet to be matched.

Hellhammer were a concept too good to last. Thankfully, despite the amount of "demo material" that found it's way too the surface, the band managed to quit the scene before they became a joke and plodded on with the ever-decaying Celtic Frost. For all fans of black metal, dark metal or just plain thrashing hell...this one is for you!