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This album will kill you. You will die. - 100%

BARD_Jean_Pierre, April 23rd, 2007

Razor wire wrapping peels off to reveal an atonal tribute to all things depraved and disgusting. A voice with all the charm of Frank Sinatra's rotted corpse belches death sentences into a subpar microphone, while also testing the gag reflex with vomit-like excursions of the diaphragm. These riffs, or as I refer to them, sequenced patterns of feedback noise, conjure up images of horror and torture in ways only post-pubescent angry Swiss males can muster. The drummer sucks, but this still gets a hundred percent. "Triumph of Death" is obviously the standout piece, with aforementioned puking laden with slow keyless doom style riffage, and chugs on forward like a locomotive from hell.

"Horus-Aggressor" deserves mention as well, the thundering double bass, trumpeting perhaps the most loosely defined "guitar riff" ever created; however, this riff will rip skin from bone. Extremely heavy - just like the rest of the album. Get this or fuck off.