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This is a truly evil album - 95%

A_Lesson_In_Violence, January 10th, 2005

Okay, here goes another try. Hellhammer are one of the few bands who, in actuality, can incorporate an evil sound into their music and not get lame and/or boring. This is like pouring the fuel on the fire, in the sense that Death, Black, and Thrash Metal were all originating around the time of this album. Hellhammer, in turn, took all of these genres and molded them into one dark album called Apocalyptic Raids. Whether a fan of thrash, death, black, or doom metal, this is a must have. Now on to what I was lacking in last time I reviewed, the actual music:

The Third of The Storm is a doomish thrashing classic, one of the best tracks on the CD, and I'm sure all of you who have heard this album can rightfully agree with me. The sound is so raw, yet it is distinct in every way.

Massacra is, eh, a mediocre track. Not my favorite, but definitely doesn't let up on the thrashing. Overall, this song reminds me more so of Venom than any of the other tracks on the record.

Triumph of Death, yeah, this is the one I went on the rant on before hand. 9 minutes and some odd seconds of pure fucking evil. I won't go back into the rant, because it's unnecessary, but... this is one Hell of a song, and I mean that literally.

Horus/Agressor starts off with a drum intro sounding like a battle march, or something reminiscent of one. The fading guitar does fit quite nicely with the drums. The vocals of this song, at points, remind me of a lot of other old school thrash, but then I think, Hellhammer can't, wasn't, and will not be reproduced.

Revelations of Doom, one of my favorites off the album. Slightly in the same tone of Bathory, except the singing sounds something of a more Death Metal style. Definitely a highlight. 2:51 of pure headbanging madness.

Messiah, the closing track, ends this with a fucking boom. A wincing cry at the beginning, dark tone throughout the whole track (who am I kidding... through the whole album)... anyhow, this track was a nice choice for ending, because it definitely ends it with a thrashing bang.