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Annihilation guaranteed!!!! - 95%

ImpaletheCunt, August 17th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2018, CD, Deathrune Records

So, you thought you listened to the most insane shit on the planet. You also thought you were the biggest bad ass of metal what with your denim and leather jacket, stiletto heels and your Goldilocks hairdo. If you don’t know this album, then you are in for a complete shock ass wipe. The massacre adorning the cover already tells a story, a fucking ugly one at that, a precursor of the inhumanity to come. Poor old Jesus fucking Christ, once again being disemboweled on his feeble fucking cross. Fucking retard, resurrection absurd for all the pathetic minions who follow the path of the weak!!!

Hellish Deathcult have created a sound like no other. I've heard 1000's of brutal as fuck albums and this one trumps them all. To even classify this as music is an insult to the band. How the hell does one even begin to describe this slab of war noise. It sounds like no other album on the planet and is the epitome of what War/Death metal should be. Bands like Mortician and Disgorge (USA) sound like goddamn nursery rhymes compared to this cess pool of filth. For starters you must listen to this album as a whole and in its entirety and good luck with that. I’m not even going to try and describe, let alone decipher the vocals. It’s totally incomprehensible yet perfectly fitting to the recording. You will need to hear it for yourself to actually believe what the hell I’m talking about. No band members are even listed in the credits, so your guess is as good as mine as to what abomination sang these belches. The death-hordes from hell will be feasting on JC's carcass.

The guitar sound is strangulating. Fuck even knows how they managed to get that tone. Once you press play your going to finally feel like just another one of Dennis Raders victims. This will bind, torture and kill you without mercy. It’s a wall of sonic noise but not just any wall. A concrete reinforced wall of barbed wire wrapped in war metal chaos. The twin guitar attack is rabid to say the least and is recorded as a muffled barrage. Track after track of brutality, played with copious amounts of speed, will mangle whats left of your lifeless torso.

Deathrune records is a respectable Spanish label and has a plethora of great bands signed to their catalog but this here is the granddaddy of them all. They have gone all out to impress the underground on how to record a vomit masterpiece. The drums are a bit recessive in the mix on this album. They should have been given more prominence when recorded but the guitars simply consume them with ferocity. It’s a flaw I’m prepared to live with.

This is the crowning jewel in Lord Nosferatu’s splendorous War/Death crown. only recommended for the 1% out there. Fuck me, this is evil blasphemy pounded in the deepest trenches of Lucifer’s glorious domain. Father Satan is pleased

Buy or die. No wait, buy then die!!!