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Thrashing The Serbia - 100%

Morbidian, March 29th, 2006

This is surely a real killer record, and even that the material on album is recorded from 1984 'till 1989, production is very good. Album considers 11 tunes in true thrash metal spirit of second half of eighties.

First song called ''Inferno'' is excellent tune, with raging bass lines, and hellish vocals, that are one of the most original metal vocals appeared in Serbia's metal circles. Song lyrics are dealing with satanism, metal themes, blood, death and wars, and even if they have a lack of real value, they are okay, and for the time when album was released, they are totally okay.
Song structures are very complicated and original, guitar solos and rhythm riffs are very fast, and rhythm section is blasting. Besides the leading guitar, bass guitar also taking the lead place in ''Heller'' song, and you can freely consider her as brand of the bands sound, thus every song have real mean bass melodies.

Tune ''Inkvizicija'' is surely the best one of the album with catchy riff and refrain, and very cool lyrics, thus many of Serbian metal bands from eighities heaven't dealt with satanistic themes like ''Heller'' have do it in their songs.

Pretty short song ''Adam i Eva'' is somewhat based on grind sound and it's pretty furious for it's eleven seconds length.

''Krvava Osveta'' is strong song, even that she have the weakest lyrics, but also, towards the other song, she have the more thrashy sound with little somewhat punk influences.

''Dead Or Alive'' is only song on the record that have lyrics on english, and it's good tune, fast and raging, but with poor lyrics, that doesn't have much in it. But, on the other hand it is true headbanger title, with most blasting rhythmics on the record.

''Demonska Devojka'' is probabely the most knowing song of the band, that clearly have the real epic feel and structures, but also furious thrashing riffs and speed solos, which represent this song the true hymn of the band on the album.

Songs ''Armagedon'' and ''Grob Bez Dna'' are short and blasting headbanging tunes, but also they are songs with best lyrics on the record.

Instrumental ''Heller'' is very interesting and have very nice melodies and structures, showing the real skills of the band musicians.

''Varvarska Horda'' is cool song, with a slower tempo than other songs, and it's dealing with paganism. Song have somewhat doomy elements and dark atmosphere in it, which was pretty original for the time they have recorded this song.

''Inverzija'' is somewhat ode to metal, and that's also a song, that have some hard rock influences, but overall it's symphatic tune, with funny and naive lyrics.

Anyway, this is one excellent record, and probabely the best one that have appeared on Serbian metal scene. It is thrash metal in true form and spirit.