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Hella Brutal - 89%

BurntOffering, June 1st, 2007

Well slap my grandma and call me Susie, this is fucking killer! They take the best of 2nd wave BM and add it to a formula of insanely brutal speed metal with hints of thrash. The production job is quite necro. Raw enough to be considered kvlt, but good enough that you can hear everything perfectly. Think Deathcrush taken to the next level, and this is what you have. The guitar tone is quite blasphemous, and the drum work is quite good, blasts are there but only when needed, thus using it to it's full effect. The bass is there as well and will come out and do something on it's own occasionally. The vocals, well pretty much indecipherable shrieks, but hey it works.

Well, it's not possible to do a song by song review of this. The songs all blend together in a frenzy of mass brutality. Like Demolition Hammer, but with the necro tendencies of Hellish Black Metal. For the most part this stuff is ridiculously fast. Occasionally they'll slow down, well if you consider 200 BPM slow, for instance in "Lust For Carnage", but songs like "Hellacaust" and "Apocalyptic Chaos" are non stop, no remorse, take no prisoners, slaughtering tracks that don't stop for anything. I must say it's unbelievably catchy at times though. Like the middle break in "The Triumph of Death". Some songs also feature a bit of Black Metal melodiousness similar to Dissection, especially during some of the parts of "In the Mouth of Madness". The song "Suffer In Vain" clocks in at a mere 1:17, but blends in with everything so well you won't notice. You really have to take this all as one long song. It's like Reign in Blood during the first listen, you won't really know where songs start and end.

Get this. It's pretty unique. I haven't heard things really taken too far into this direction. Morbid Saint meets Deathcrush-era Mayhem. Fucking insane. Highly Recommended.