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Two great bands, two mediocre - 65%

dismember_marcin, March 25th, 2016

“Infected by Old School” is split of four Polish metal bands... four very different bands, each with different style and sound, but with one shit in common: they all love old school, even if this old school may mean something different to each of them. How does it sound to you? Well, I can understand that usually it’s better to have a split release where bands have similar style, but maybe this time it’s gonna be something more interesting? We’ll see.

So, Cemetery Whore goes first. Damn, I like this band a lot and can only be sorry to find just three songs from them (where one is a Celtic Frost cover), all of which have been released as “Into the Cunt of Cemetery Whore” demo. They’re probably the rawest sounding and obscure death metal act from the whole four, with that really nasty and morbid music that caught my attention immediately. It stinks with the odour of very early Asphyx, ancient Death, Autopsy or Nihilist, so bands which I just adore. I like the raw sound of this demo, some cool riffs, good vocals, with such “The Walking Dead of Nazareth” being absolutely bashing track. It’s just makes me want to hear more.

Next up is Nuclear Holocaust. I already have their “Mutant Inferno” and listened to it several times and on this split they included this demo in its entirety. Do I like it? Well, honestly it’s nothing exceptional for me. They have this punkish, crusty grind style, with rather screaming than growled vocals and with very raw and aggressive manner that some of you may like, some don’t. It’s nothing truly incredible or memorable, especially since all songs tend to sound the same to me. Short songs (11 tracks in 15 minutes), very simple, straight forward playing… it’s often compared to Terrorizer, but I would not go that far with comparisons, to be honest.

Second to last is one of my favourites and surely the best band from the whole split – Hell fuckin United. Who doesn’t have their last album “Aura Damage” is lame. Anyways, what they show here are sadly just two songs of total death metal annihilation. It’s vicious, fast, aggressive and obscure, it’s dark and evil sounding... it’s just a killer stuff. I really like their riffs and this ghastly feeling their music has. I like that it’s so straight forward, chaotic, with no bullshit and the intensity and sheer aggression of their music reminds me such Angel Corpse or even bands like Revenge. And these two songs are supposed to be taken from rehearsal recording, but damn, they sound awesome in my opinion!

Finally we have Necrosodomistical Slaughter, who present twenty songs of a total grind madness! Surely it’s unfair; the best band Hell United has two songs and they have twenty haha, who cares if some of them are just few seconds short haha. I honestly am not a big fan of such music, I don’t listen to grind often. In the beginning it’s still OK, tracks like “Saw Blast Massacre” or “Let's Kill Again” are really cool, but after few songs I get bored and tired with it, especially as some of these tracks has absolutely no sense. Hmm, I guess you cannot even call them songs, as they’re what? Short noisy eruptions or other farts haha? It’s hard to treat bands like them seriously, it’s also hard to really listen to it, so if I can be honest, I usually skip most of their songs, because they don’t interest me. But the longer songs (1,5-2 minutes long), like those I mentioned above, are pretty cool.

So, “Infected by Old School” is weird split. Two great bands and two, which I don’t like so much. For Cemetery Whore and Hell United I would give at least 80/100, for the other two 60/100... So, the final verdict is…

Final rate: 65/100