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Oh, so damn fast and killer death metal! - 83%

dismember_marcin, September 6th, 2012

This MCD by Polish death metal squadron called Hell Untied was my first meeting with the band; before that they were called Eclypse and did an album titled “Applause (JHVH Elohim Meth)” in 2003 (but for many years I didn’t have a chance to listen to it really) and then after the band changed the name for Hell United they’ve recorded an album titled “HornoKracy” in 2008 plus a demo, but again I’ve missed those two releases. And so “Abhorrence Majesty” was really my first contact with Hell United’s music and I must say that once I have listened to this MCD, I quickly started to look for the previous Eclypse / Hell United recordings, as “Abhorrence Majesty” really fuckin crushed.

Well, the opening song, “Manifestation of V Stabbing Wounds”, is just a total death metal desecration; it is relentless as hell, fast and brutal, with a blasphemous atmosphere all the way through… And is there anything more which I would like to get from this band? No, once I’ve listened to this opening song, I was blown away and wanted more… and more is what I got, with songs like “…And Heavens Wept” and “New Fuhrer”, which are just fast and fast and fuckin fast again, with some throat cutting riffs, great drumming and effective vocals. Style wise Hell United do reminds me the Polish death metal legions like Azarath, Stillborn and Hetzer, but to be honest they do the work better than most of the Polish bands (maybe not Azarath, but definitely I can say I like Hell United more than Stillborn for instance). I’m very impressed by the music of this band, by its quality and great production and also by the fact that they do not just focus on the blast beats, but are also able to compose songs such as “Worship Me”. And for the dessert the band offers Bathory’s “The Return of the Darkness and Evil”, which obviously in the original version belongs to my favourite Bathory’s songs ever, but here, I must say, it is sometimes difficult to recognise it, in the opening part, so fast it was played. But anyway, I can say that “Abhorrence Majesty” is just a killer MCD and it did one great thing for me – it finally introduced me to the music of Hell United. Now I know what they’re worth and since I first listened to this MCD I got two more of their recordings and will definitely chase the demos and “HornoKracy” also. Fuckin great!
Standout tracks: “Manifestation of V Stabbing Wounds”, “Worship Me”