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I'm bored of such simplicity - 57%

vorth, June 28th, 2006

This album was recommended to me very heavily, so my expectiations rose to the highest level. This album was said to be destructive and I did really believe it would be so. But it wasn't. High tempos just don't suffice, the atmosphere is not deep enough and the lack of the most important thing for metal - riffs, it is - send the album back to oblivion.

To say it the shortliest - there's nothing special about that album, nothing at all. It is not even good enough to make the listener forget about its primitivity and absolute unorginality. The riffs are unbearably simple, but that's not the point - they're just poor. Most of them are tasteless and if there's a better one, it is repeated into eternity - a custom sickening for the auditor. Most of the songs look like that: there's one or two riffs played again and again with some experiments with the rythm. The fine, yawning vocals won't save the music - without the riffs, an album can turn only to crap.

There are few good points, that's why the rating is held in the average. One for production, which is clear but still proper for black metal - the guitar reminds me Anaal Nathrakh's first album or 1349. Another for the vocals, the third for the noticeable atmosphere and the last for the second part of the last song, which may sound interesting when listening for the first time. However, the album still sounds like it was made at the lowest cost, more using intuition than brain.