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Nothing speciall at all... - 45%

nugsoth, November 19th, 2005

When I was buying this album I hoped, that it'll be something good. I saw a lot advertisements in local underground magazines, usual shit - the hardest, the best and so on, so on... So I decided to buy this, and what I heard? One song played in 9 ways.

Everything is truly blackish in this album. We have well distorted guitars, bass sounds like bulldozer, some sick vocals and not special percussion. And it's very good, when you listen to first and second song. When you listen to third and fourth you start to think - what's going on? Everything sounds the same! And after this there is only boredom. Vocals are good, for first ten minutes, but then I realized that he have no ideas how to make it interesting. Guitar riffs sound almost the same. Some are better, some worse, but fuck - it is one riff played in many ways. I like bass, I really like it on this album, but only one really good thing won't make this album remarkable. As I said before percussion is... ordinary. And nothing more.

And where is atmosphere? Where is fuckin’ evil climate which surrounds the best black metal album? Where’s grimness and cold? Well, it is certainly not here…

So I write it clear - nothing special at all...