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Underwhelming - 50%

LordBelketraya, November 13th, 2006

Alas we are here, the latest French black metal "supergroup" containing members of more accomplished bands like Mutiilation, Antaeus, Vorkreist and Temple Of Baal. The most notable one being the great Meyhnach (Mutiilation). So before listening you would be led to believe that this "dream team" would make some sickly good shit. Well the sound is a mix of death/black metal, which shows the side of Vorkreist and Temple Of Baal and then you get the pure black metal side of Meyhnach's voice and LSK's bass playing (Antaeus).

In a way it loses identity and it turns out to be one big mess of a thing. It's going through a struggle of what to sound like, it loses its footing and predictably collapses. I bought this because of Meyhnach and I thought it was going to be a return to early Mutiilation since he had a bunch of proven musicians behind him. I was wrong, if anything it seems as if he had little to no input on the music itself. There are few melodies and the music just drags on at times. I am sometimes wondering that he's just a spectator to the disaster around him. I know that if Meyhnach had written the music himself it would be a better product. I suppose that's why Mutiilation is a one man project, he has creative freedom and complete power of what to sound like with no conflict of interest. Is it me or have we heard Meyhnach sound better (vocally speaking) than this? He sounds like he forcing himself to sound more death metal-ish. I hate to say that maybe even a raw version of Attila as well. Its not one of his finest moments.

This album is not a complete waste of time. Tracks like; Torture Of The Saints, Goathrone and Blood From The Pig are some of the better moments here. But there just seems to be a short supply of it, just leaving you empty or unsatisfied in the end. Perhaps its all a "feeling out" process since the band had little time to become "one". They need more time together to develop as a unit and find what they are capable of. They're defnitely better than this. The whole idea behind the band is great, but the execution falls short. When you have members behind some of the best work of the French black/death metal scene then you have to believe that it will come around eventually, just not yet.