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Hell Fire - Reckoning

A Reckoning, A Culmination, and an Eclipse - 90%

Twisted_Psychology, September 27th, 2022

While Hell Fire’s fourth album sees the same thrashy heavy metal style as its predecessors, it feels more ambitious than anything they’ve done before. Their musicianship has never sounded this lively as the production gives the bass some extra oomph, the drums are relentless, the guitars temper their power with broader scope and dynamics, and the vocals have some extra venom behind their usual workman delivery. The band members have said that they wanted to take their time with this release compared to past outings and it shows across the board.

This glow-up is also reflected in the songwriting, which does well to amp up their anthemic qualities. Songs like the opening title track and “Tortuga Nights” show off an almost epic flair between the former’s buildup and the latter’s mid-tempo splendor feeling more like something in Twisted Tower Dire’s wheelhouse. The band has also stepped up their chorus game considerably as tracks like “It Ends Tonight” and “Thrill of the Chase” match their battering speeds with some especially catchy shout-along chants. There’s even a spot for some nice acoustic balladry in “A Dying Moon.”

With each of Hell Fire’s releases showing off steady improvements, it’s unsurprising yet satisfying to see Reckoning come out so strong. It feels like a culmination of everything they’ve done so far while also eclipsing it, featuring the same style with enhanced purpose. I wouldn’t quite put it among the greatest NWOTHM offerings ever but anybody who’s been curious to check this band out is strongly advised to start here. Sometimes some meat and potatoes metal can really get the job done.