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More directing to THRASH! and you better love it! - 75%

metalheadIamdead, July 3rd, 2004

When I think of Poland the bands come into my mind are Graveland, Infernal war, behemoth, Vader, swastyka, most of them NSBM. Keep in mind Hell-born is band created by ex-behemoth members and is Black/Death Metal sounding band.

Hellborn's debut album starts off with a sound audible gradually becoming louder and louder and eventually giving off images in the listener's mind about some kind of human harvest with people on horses (War Sounds w/o bomb explosions and machine gun sounds) and women screaming in agony and horses muttering .

After the intro, the song "Vision of Decline" kicks in. This track isn't that great since the melody in vocals gets a bit boring when Jeff (Vocalist) sings the same melody throughout the whole damn song.

The third track is "Raise the Dead" is my favorite track on this album although others excluding "Visions of decline" are almost up to the par as this song. The song varies unlike any death/black Metal song which continues with the same fucking speed throughout the whole song. The song starts with a faded out rifff as soon as the drums kick in, it all starts. There are lot of awesome riffs to be found in this song. "The Victory" starts off excellent enough to get you into liking the song until some more cool riffs come along . The riffs are slow (Burzum style) but fucking killers.

If I were to describe the sound of Hell-born on this I would say they are more Thrashy Black Metallers as oppose to deathier although there is a lot of death metal influence to be found here. Fans of Summon and Obeisance will find themselves listening to the same style of the genre since their sound resembles very very much.