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Tyr II - 62%

kluseba, January 27th, 2011

Heljareyga deliver a Viking Metal output that is quite similar to the music that the main band Tyr does with the exception that the length of the present songs is much longer.

But that doesn't mean that the music is more progressive and that's the main problem here. There are no changes in style, outstanding solo passages, atmospheric introductions, bridges or outros, no epic choirs or narrational passages. The songs all sound quite the same and have told the essential after only five minutes and are strechted to an artificial and simply unnecessary length of sometimes over ten minutes. That's nothing I would call progressive at all. It has a glimpse of something epic but it isn't elaborated and often quite boring.

The album reminds me of the song and album "Land" of Tyr and that's the second rather negative point as I think that Heljareyga has nothing unique or outstanding that distinguishes its style from the other band. This could also be listed as a past-Land EP by Tyr and nobody would recognize the difference.

That's why this album has some usual and interesting parts and may please to the usual fans but doesn't deliver anything outstanding or special that would justify more than an ordinary rating or the purchase of the album if you are not a maniac of the main band or true collector.