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Some problem.. - 95%

Daedagor, April 11th, 2003

Ok, this album really puts me in a lot of trouble. Actually, I hate giving all releases of a band 90+ points, but this one really is better than the predecessor (Blod & Ild), so that I am forced to give it a higher rating. Thus the 95 points. Sigh.

But now for the important part, the music: When I first listened to this CD, I thought it was broken. That intro really is bloody weird, but after a few more runs in the old stereo I got used to it. And that is pretty much how it goes for the whole album, I guess. The first time you listen to a track, you might say "Uh, how did they come up with that idea?! And why am I listening to this?!"
Next time it runs through you'll think: "Wow, that's actually kinda cool. What was that track's name again?"
Until finally you realize: "Hell, I love this part. And this part. Oh, and there's yet another!"

Ok, to be honest, that is only one possible reaction, as always.. but that was my reaction to the disc. Helheim manage to develop and progress yet again, by now I am forced to think that this is what makes them so special. They release CD after CD and although each one of them sounds very different from the predecessor, each and every one of them is great in its own way.

So what's majorly different on this album? Well, remember that weird track "Helheim, Part II" from "Blod & Ild"? Guess what, Helheim incorporated those elements (well not exactly those from the song, but the kind of elements) into their "normal" music. So every now and then you'll hear some Electro-influence within the Viking Metal. Good or bad, you'll have to decide for yourself.. I for my part love that idea. Especially because it is done in a very subtle yet not pointless way.

Besides? Compared to "Blod & Ild", this one is faster. Heavier. More aggressive. Sweeeet :)

The vocals are different, not so raw anymore but still very varied. That's another thing, if you listen to all CDs fromt the debut "Jormundgand" to "Yersinia Pestis", you would think Helheim changed vocalist for every album, but it's always the same guy!

So, conclusively, if you have known Helheim before.. say good-bye to "Blod & Ild" and the rest, here comes something new, something fresh and fucking awesome. If only you're willing to accept the many changes done in style (Vocals, Electro-/Industrial-influences, oh and the lyrics are mostly English now) you will like this, hopefully.
If you have never heard of Helheim before, pick this one up. Just give it more than one listen and you'll be sure to find something great on this album. Or take "Blod & Ild" and discover the rest from there, could be that one is more accessible to you.