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Their best ... - 90%

NH, March 1st, 2008

This was the debut-CD of the Norwegian Pagan/Viking Metal-band Helheim. And I still must say that this is one of the albums in that genre that is a must (like Enslaved's self-titled debut- album, too).

The music is very uncommon and independent, played in a rather fast way with very disharmonic guitarlines. Extraodrinary is also the use of instruments like the trumpet (especially in 'Svart Visdom') and this extremely high vocals, which I never have heard anywhere else (... maybe it is hardly comparable to In The Woods - 'Heart of the Ages') and which I adore so much. They are really cruel. The CD features five songs plus a pagan instrumental, one more classic-orientated piano song and an outro which reckons to have Odin as its originator. The songs all are about 5 - 10 minutes long with innovative structures. The production is quite clear and 'Nordic' as the album was recorded in the wellknown Grieghallen. I only can give everyboday the advice to buy this album as it still stands out of the masses of Black Metal products, and Helheim themselves didn’t reach that level with their 2nd CD again.

Favourite Tracks: Svart Visdom, Nattravnens Tokt

(Originally published in The Purgatory Of Grief 1999-2001 (RIP))