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Åsgards Fall - 88%

Shores_of_Sorrow, April 10th, 2011

Helheim is one of the oldest band in the viking metal genre, along with Enslaved, and have released 6 albums so far. Still they have somehow never got the recognition they deserve. "Åsgards Fall" marks a new era of Helheim and is a solid and well written EP which I think might appeal to a wider audience than the previous albums.

The "Åsgards Fall" bit of the EP consists mainly of two parts and a small interlude. These songs still maintain the familiar Helheim sound that have been present on the last two albums, but it sounds somewhat more epic. There is a lot of small breaks and melodic parts and the odd time signatures is almost gone. "Åsgards Fall" is also in a way more atmospheric than anything I`ve heard from Helheim before, and not as hard hitting as earlier releases. Just listen to part II and let the music take you back 1000 years. At times it really reminds me of Bathory from their Hammerheart era, but that is indeed a good thing.

Helheim part VII is really just one minute of a mouth harp, sounding like something from a Wardruna album, before their new single "Dualitet og Ulver" kicks off. And I must say, this is by FAR the best I have ever heard from Helheim. It is more up-tempo and melodic, and it features brilliant guest vocals by the notorious Hoest from Taake. After hearing this song I can`t wait to get my hands on the new album!

The last song is a re-recording of their classic "Jernskogen" originally from the "Blod og Ild" album from 2000. It sounds even better this time around and is still a kick-ass song. I don`t really understand what it`s doing on this EP, but it certainly doesn`t drag "Åsgards fall" down at all.

All in all a great release from Norway`s maybe most underrated bands. I think this EP might be the start of Helheim`s big break, and Odin knows they deserve it!