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Forthcoming Pleasures, you mean! - 95%

Ethereal Loss, May 2nd, 2012

Helevorn has been depressing the world since 1999, and my oh my, how well they've done it. With two previous releases to their name (Prelude and Fragments) they have already set their name into the doom metal world, playing festivals such as Dutch Doom Days, Devilstone Open Air, etc and also appeared on the tribute album to Katatonia with the song ''12''. Their name was becoming more known to doom fans everywhere. Anyway, enough about that and let's get on with the review.

The compositions of FD are very well thought out and executed. While there is nothing new being created here, they still have a way with leaving their mark and making you love the album. Melodic passages followed by guitar-chugging distortion with nicely played piano in the background is the song ''Descent'', a good example as to what I'm talking about.

The instrumentation on the album is quite impeccable. The guitars sound very clean and can be heard down to the last note, whether it be the melody or the distortion in the chugs. The keyboards, while do nothing major, are crucial to Helevorn's sound. The drums have a nice sound to them; you can hear every single cymbal and not sound cluttered, and the same goes for the kick drums, snare, toms, etc. The bass is more in the background just to fill in as most doom bands do.

The vocals of Josep Brunet are just majestic. His ability with the sorrowful cleans and his aggression and maturity with the growls are the perfect balance for a band of their style and caliber. On songs such as ''From Our Glorious Days'', ''To Bleed Not To Suffer'', and ''Yellow'', he shows you just how good he is and isn't afraid to do so. He also writes all the lyrics for the band, and one song in particular stands out, the aforementioned ''From Our Glorious Days''. The song seems to deal with everything that is wrong in this world and the macabre actions that us human beings carry out. Also worth a mention is that the music video for the song is also very graphic.

The album was recorded in a studio in Palma de Mallorca by Jens Bogren and Johan Ă–rnborg after being flown in by the band. Afterwards, it was mixed and mastered by the Swedes in their famous studio, Fascination Street Studios (Amon Amarth, Katatonia, Paradise Lost, Draconian...). No further explanations are needed for the quality of the production since everyone knows Jens' work and if you don't, wake the fuck up!

All in all, this album is amazing and you'd be remiss not to check it out. Songs that stand out for me are all of them as there is not one song that I dislike on this album.