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Hails to my drinking Viking Brothers!! - 96%

LordWladimir, December 5th, 2008

Wodan Heerst EP is a great album. Heidevolk have really shown they can make good albums before, but there is something to the "Wodan Heerst" song and others on this EP that really gives you a true viking feeling.

One song I truly enjoyed was the "Vulgaris Magistralis" Normaal cover. When I listened to the Normaal version, it was good, but Heidevolk is Heidevolk, and they truly made a great cover. Vocals are better then on the cover, the guitars are 10x more heavy and vocals (I have to put that up twice, the vocals really made the whole song better). The drums are fast (not really fast, but fast anyway), and thats a big plus, drums are the most important thing in order to create a great song and those fast bas drums in the middle of the song are really good.

"Wodan Heerst", the violin on this track is truly awsome, vocals (of course) are at their best and the song is not a cover, which is good. Drums are written to cover the parts guitar couldn't give you the "feeling" you have when you listen to this song, they mix into a beautiful combination with a little viking add to it.

"Het bier zal weer vloeien" is a beautiful folky drinking song. This song is a little bit softer, but it still gots it. The violin plays beatiful and vocals sing great, drums with a little bit more "heavy" (well, more soft kind of heavy) melody and guitars supporting this elements, mixes great!!

I've gone thru all three songs and I still can't dicide which one is the best, because all are just pure, viking and beautiful.

Hails to Heidevolk, viking brothers!