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Wodan rules - 90%

Arsenicum, June 16th, 2007

Always difficult to base your opinion on just 3 songs, but taking heidevolks full length Krijgsvolk into account, the 2 new songs ( of which one cover, but we will get to that) on this single show that they evolved. The titletrack is just magnificiently epic, with catchy and folky guitar riffs, the chorus stands out because of the quality heroic vocals by Mark Splintervuyscht, who can, in my honest opinion, be regarded as one of the best folk-metal singers. The addition of the second singer Sebas Bloeddorst, ads more power and depth to the chorus.

Although I generally don't like to review song by song, you can't really escape it, since there are only three on this single. The third and last song is also never released by Heidevolk, and is a cover of the Dutch "farmer"-rock band Normaal, who have been around since the mid-70's. Vulgaris Magistralis is about a ancient cave-man, who still roams the plains of the dutch area called De Achterhoek on his dinosaur. Humoristic, as it tells of Steven Spielberg, who wants Vulgaris Magistralis for a role in one of his movies. The song is massive and in your face, with Maidenesque rolling guitar melodies, but more agressive. With a very catchy refrain, this song makes you bang your head from beginning to end.

The second song "Het bier zal weer vloeien" ( the beer shall flow again) is a different version of the original one, which can be found on their debut album. The addition of violins turns the mood of this song from epic to somewhat sad, and does not really improve the original version. And is the least interesting track on this single. Fun to hear, but not really memorable.

So this single gives you killer songs, which would have stand out above the rest were they put on their debut, and one filler. Nonetheless worth it!