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Heidevolk - Batavi - 95%

hrothgar21, March 7th, 2012

Its been 2 years since the last album “Uit Oude Grond” came out, and since Heidevolk started in 2002, they have come a long way.

Every album they made was written in Dutch and their latest album “Batavi” is no exception.
The title Batavi refers to an ancient Germanic tribe that lived around the Rhine Delta, which is currently called the Netherlands. The same name is also applied to several military units employed by the Romans that were originally raised among the Batavi. The name is probably a derivation from batawjō, which means good island and refers to the region's fertility, today known as the fruit basket of the Netherlands called the Betuwe, but enough about history and trivial facts! Lets talk music!

From track one all the way to the last track, you immediately recognize the same trusty Heidevolk sound that made the band well-known and brought them success! After listening to the album, we did noticed that the album itself is a bit darker and stronger than what we are used to from them, especially for folk metal standards. If you listen closely, it also contains lots of doom, black and heavy metal references. Is that bad? Hell no! In our opinion, it actually fits perfectly on this album. We would even go that far in saying that Heidevolk captured their energetic and the engaging aspect they have on stage very well on this cd, something we personally think was never too well captured on earlier cds and is, as many bands know, very difficult to do. But you can only make that decision if you have seen the band perform live, I guess.

So my final opinion? Just buy it. Don’t think about it and buy the album. You won’t regret it. It’s a great album in which the band can be very proud of!

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Originally written by me on, but shared it here as well.