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If you like Abigor... - 75%

Milos, April 9th, 2008

If you like Abigor you will probably like this album. Heidenreich is the project of Abigor members and it actually sounds very similar as Abigor on their "Channeling The Quintessence Of Satan" album with only difference that it has few keyboard arrangements and a drum machine, which is the biggest (and only) fault on this album. I think that drum machine can never replace a real drummer. The only band which sounds better with programmed drums is Mysticum. There are good albums with programmed drums of course, but I always like to hear real drums more. However, it is the only bad thing on this album, everything else is great; there are some really good songs here.

"An Incarnations Dream" is the first song on album, it's some kind of intro played on keyboards and really sounds good. The other songs are in typical Abigor style and I recommend it to everyone who likes that band. There are typical Abigor guitar playing, weird melodies and everything else which characterize Abigor, so if you are the fans of that band you will be very pleased with this album. My favorite songs are "Cosmic Reflections" and "The Slumbering Terror". "Heart Of Midnight/Genocide" is instrumental song which closes this album and it's very nice, relaxing song played on guitar. I just don't understand why they ruined that song with that noise at the end (which is, in fact, the second fault on this album).

I want to say that first Heidenreich album is not that good and if anyone have interest to hear this band try with this album and then get their first album if you want. Abigor is one of my favorite bands of all time and when I discovered this band I was very happy because it sounds so similar that I have a feeling I was listening to some unreleased Abigor album. I don't know why they didn't record this with real drummer and released this as Abigor album, but it sounds good anyway and it's worth checking out.