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I wasn't expecting this... - 83%

Hellegion, December 22nd, 2003

I saw this CD used at the record store for $5 the other day, and remembering how I heard that they were a total Cradle of Filth ripoff, I picked it up to see for myself. You'll read a LOT of comparisons to CoF in this review, but once you hear this, you'll realize they are almost necessary.

I was actually surprised, because this really does come disturbingly close to sounding like the oldest Cradle material (read: their only material worth a thing), especially in the vocal, key, and "atmosphere" catagories. I really didn't think Jon sounded THAT much like Dani/CoF... I sort of figured a lot of it had to do with the fact that he was in Cradle of Filth for a while and just learned to utilize a similiar vocal style. That is, until track 5 kicks in... he actually carbon-copies Dani's high-pitched shriek on that track especially. I actually laughed when I heard this, because it's amazing that he'd so blatantly rip off such a distinct voice. Any ideas I was entertaining about him picking up a slight influence while with Cradle of Filth went straight out the window at that point.

Musically, I prefer this to most Cradle of Filth, not that this statement actually means anything... It's quite a bit darker, more extreme, the riffs are MUCH simpler and are more straight-ahead raw metal sounding rather than the NWOBHM-recycled ripoff riffs that Cradle is known for, the keyboards are performed better and sound less fruity, and there are no female vocals anywhere to be found (rejoice!). It still has a Cradle of Filth feel to it, but that probably has a lot to do with the vocals and atmosphere (as I have said).

It's amazing that for how ripped off of Cradle of Filth this is, it still holds it's own. A lot of people who are turned off by CoF's gothic aspects may actually like this, so it is sort of a Cradle of Filth for a more extreme-minded audience.

Oh, and just as I think of it, Upon Promeatheau Shores is completely devoid of the vampire fantasies of Dani and company, and instead opts for a Satanic image and musical concept. It also seems to be lacking the tongue in cheek aspects of Cradle of Filth, which is a VERY positive thing.

This comes recommended to anyone who likes pre-1996 Cradle of Filth (or anyone looking for Cradle of Filth minus the pseudo-metal rockstar attitude and tongue in cheek shit), fans of black metal with keyboards, and 14 year old kids wanting to rebel against their parents with the Devil's art.

It's NOT recommended to anyone who hates keyboards, England, or has started one or more anti-Cradle of Filth websites.