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Talented,Original Band = Amazing Album - 88%

Harvester_of_Storms, June 3rd, 2004

It was with a sense of dread that i picked up Heavens Gate "Planet E." I first came into contact with this band by listening to their latest (and sadly,last) release, the full-lenght "Menergy", and was instantly awestruck with the talent, originality and sheer musical prowess of this band. So i was afraid that "Planet E." wouldnt live up to the expectations. I needed not to
worry. This album is one of the most refreshing and diverse albuns in the history of metal in the past decade. It still holds it's own and puts to shame, musically and production wise, most of current metal offerings eight years after its release.

After all, "Planet E." was the album that allowed Heavens Gate to tour in Dream Theathers' european tour back in 96, and Mike Portnoy's band actually could have learned something from these guys.
Because "Planet E." is a progressive metal album that does'nt loose himself in self-indulgences or extreme musical wanckery.
Any given song here can have prog-rock elements, bluesy licks, Heavy metal shredding but the melody, the sense of the song as a whole and that must, thereoff, fit as whole is always there. And Thomas Rettke is a World class singer, that manages not only to convey emotion, has a good range, but, and most importantly for a progressive vocalist, manages not to be anoying as all hell. On the contrary, its well toned and extremelly melodic, agressive and raw when needed.

The opening track 'Terminated World' is a fast flowing metal track,with tension building up to an almighty crescendo and finally exploding with an awesome feelgood chorus. Next is 'Planet earth' a totally progressive metal track, with and excelent bridge section, and the outro passage into the guitar solo is amazingly well done.
Track number three, 'back from the dawn' , is a rockish song with yet another great chorus. Check the shift into the fade out at around 5:30, it's amazing.
'On the edge' brings back the heavy metal of the first song, and some cool guitar harmonies beneath the vocals really highlight the top notch vocals.
Track number 5 is the odd duck, a all out ballad. Although it is sentimental and acomplished enough, it seems somewhat out of place here.
'Rebel yell' is another all out rocker with yet another great guitar work,and the gospel-like choirs at the end of the last chorus that continue into the song's end is a classy touch.
Track number seven brings one of the higlights of the album.Starting out with a eastern flavoured intro, 'black religion (the kings of war)' throughs into the fray yet another addictive as hell guitar riff, and then sudently guitar harmonies that would make Queen proud. Actually this song as a lot of similarities to Queen's "Hammer to fall".
'Animal' is a Lisa Dabello cover, and Heavens Gate totally manage to transform this song into a monstrous groove song. Its amazing how this band as achived such a unique and distinct sound. That, my friends, is called talent.
Next is perhaps the most progressive and epic song of the record.'Noah's Dream'" start's off slow it builds up into a full throthle masterpiece, then slow's down, build up again until it becomes a fast pace speed metal song...The tempo and ambiance variations are abundant, and its incredible how it all flows into place.It is sometimes remeniscent of Gamma Ray's "rebellionin dreamland".
Finally, "This town aint big enough for the both of us" is another cover, masterfully arranged to fit this bands unique style, that rounds up the album nicelly.

If it wasnt for the average ballad and the two cover songs, this album would be one of the all time classics of Heavy metal.
As it is, is one of the most refreshing, original albuns in progressive/melodic power metal, and only slightly inferior to its follower, "Menergy".

This was a great band, that made great music, and that never really got the recognition it deserved.
Heavens Gate are, and will be, sadly missed.

Killer Songs: "Terminated World","back from the dawn", "Black Religion, "Noah's Dream"