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A new chapter... - 91%

Sabbath1776, April 2nd, 2009

...To the anticipated follow-up to Dehumanizer. It starts off with a melodic duo of Iommi on acoustic guitar and a soulful vocal passage by Dio, which builds into a crescendo of classic Iommi riffage, supported by the unspectacular but always reliable Vinny Appice, and the ever solid Geezer Butler.

Surprisingly a rare acoustic piece with haunting wails layered underneath, along with a mellow Dio is how they decided to start this monster. The haunting electric guitar then leads into a Sabbath doom assault (That conjures up thoughts of the ever so great Candlemass, which carried the life of doom after Sabbath's creative well dried up) with Dio vocalizing his passion in true form. The main riff is relentless, and one of the best that Iommi has written since the classic, Dehumanizer. Geezer undoubtedly makes his presence felt, keeping it on the ground.

After a few verses of powerfully sung fantastical lyrics and a typically catchy Dio style chorus, Iommi reveals a solo that fits the occasion. Then it's back to the grind. Another verse and a few more choruses then unexpectedly Iommi breaks into a more traditional solo that fades out, ending this killer song that really took me by surprise with how great it is.

Overall, I give Bible Black a ninety-one percent for the writing and execution of the killer music found within. Minus nine percent for Vinny Appice, being the most basic mucisian, contributing the least.