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Heaven Shall Burn's Visual Resistance - 89%

PandaFraHelvete, September 2nd, 2011

Now here we have Heaven Shall Burn’s Bildesturm (The Visual Resistance) the first official dvd this band has ever recorded and released, there were some minor works time ago as special versions of some albums, like Deaf to our Prayers and Iconoclast with live shows but not as a whole package as this one here. Let’s start by saying that this DVD follows the same art structure as the previous full lenght that was released in 2008, as the second part of the Iconoclast trilogy this one The Visual Resistance, this DVD I got was the limited edition with a live album with different tracks from the live shows, Joel and Amarthius, they come with different fillers.

Let’s start with DVD 1 (Joel).

This one is quite good actually, it comes with the live show at Summer Breeze fest, the band just play furiously their songs at a place crowded with people headbanging, moshing and performing some wall of deaths, like is normal for nowadays bands they were presenting moslty songs from lastest works as Antigone, Deaf to Our Prayers and Iconoclast with just some few songs from their older albums. Marcus vocals don’t disappoint and he unleashes his distinctive mix of melodeath growls with powerful and hellish shrieks, the sound they get is just utter destruction, the drumming is quite descent and well performed, the riffing from the guitars are powerful enough and do a very good job, as usual the bass line gets lost during the show, which is very normal with this band but with a good sound it might get fixed, it is just a minor detail. The songs are played one by one with a lot of energy which can be felt during the entire show, this band is famous for these kind of live performances, giving everything they could on the stage. The whole show lenght is 1 hour total, enough time to destroy your neck and smile. All in all a good live show that just states that this band can handle anything on the stage.

The second part of this Joel DVD is a leitmotiv, a good interview experience that leads us to what the band has turned into the last years, talking about the feeling of being in a band, travelling to different countries and having different experiences whether on small stages or well-known stages as Wacken, from this we can learn a lot about them (the subtitles are in English by the way), which from my point of view they seem to be very humble people, some of them study and work, leaving some time for family and normal life chores, you can even see what kind of jobs they have and is quite interesting because you don’t even imagine that one of them is a therapist or that Marcus works at a hospital, things like these make me feel that they are quite normal and not rock stars. All of them seem to be Vegans and I am not sure about being all of them straight edges, some of the footage shows some live songs and some US and European tours parts. This leitmotiv thing is very interesting and leaves a nice sensation.

To finish with this Joel DVD we have the 4 official videos from some songs, Counterweight, Black Tears, Endzeit and The Weapon They Fear, all of these with a good quality which can be appreciated.

The Amarthius DVD comes with more interesting stuff (and let’s be clear just for hardcore fans of this band) Metal cooking, making of Vienna among other things. The show in Vienna is good and powerful aswell, the song list they perform is not that different from the previous DVD but the energy is the same and the power too, people smash their bodies each other turning all the songs into a mass killing between walls of deaths and moshings, once again stating that they can manage themselves to unleash furious songs and sound exactly as the albums and keep the audience amused. This said, there is no much detail in here because both of the shows are similar in content.

Now the bad part, I think that the whole concept is good BUT, there is one little problem... Subtitles, yes subtitles, there are many fillers on this DVD (Amarthius) and no one of them has any damn words in English, there is just German, which is a pain in the ass and annoying because I feel that the rest of the cool stuff that you wanna see is just dedicated to German native speakers, even the 8 minutes mini US tour special has no subtitles, I don’t know what they were thinking or was it that they were just lazy to translate and paste some subs on it? We will never know, I think this is weakest point of this entire special edition, that for a fan like me is quite disappointing (and I am trying to be very subjective on this). There is also a band practice on this dvd, and it is a very good way to practice when there is not time to get together, an online practice, good stuff but again no subs.

Anyway this dvd worth the money, if you don’t have the option to get a special edition with the “Decade of Expression” live-cd, don’t worry because it is not that great, all the songs found there are part of the live shows at Summer Breeze and live in Vienna.