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uhhh, ok - 50%

demonomania, November 11th, 2004

I heard "The Weapon They Fear" on Hard Time Texas Radio, and did me some headbanging though my metal - hating father looked on disapprovingly from the driver's seat. Unfortunately, I picked this album up and found that "The Weapon They Fear" is the only really standout track on the album, aside from "Architects of the Apocalypse."

The vocals are good screaming hardcore style, but vary very little, and when they decide to sing that's when I decide to hit skip. As a previous reviewer said, they do layer the vocals, but this works very well on the hardcore style choruses, as all hardcore choruses are supposed to be a bunch of people yelling the same thing. The guitars and drums are fast, and there is a melodic Swedish feeling in there for sure, but after the fifth song you swear you've heard them do the same thing 900x. The lyrics would be of good quality, I think, if these guys took a few English classes. I am willing to overlook grammatical errors in amazing bands like GRAVE and the ENTOMBED, but with a band that annoys me I say, English teacher style...

"Work on your vocabulary!"

"Horrible sentence structure."

"Meaning unclear!"

"Subject - verb agreement problems."

And those horribly fruity keyboards don't help either. Again, just download "The Weapon they Fear," rock out to the chorus, "FALL BACK!", and call it a day.