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Heavy as fuck.. - 90%

Justin_Bork, January 7th, 2005

Heaven Shall Burn is by no means a 'new' band, as they've been around for awhile, and have a few albums under their belt, but their third and most recent album 'Antigone' is the album that will get their name out there. The songs are interesting, strong, and heavy as a mother fucker. Every instrument on this album is bludgeoning smash. The Drums crush, the kicks have that perfect 'thump', the guitars sound like the amps are tuned up to '11', the bass is low ended, and the vocals are harsh and loud. Simply put, few metal albums have production as good as this does, near perfection. Possibly Tue Madsen's finest work to date.

The songs are all politically themed, which doesn't really matter, because the music is so attention grabbing, you won't even care. This is a metalcore album at it's center at times it's hard to tell which side the band is leaning twoards, it has the riffs and songs of metal, with the assault and breakdowns of hardcore. Speaking of breakdowns, 'The Only Truth' has one of the best breakdowns. Ever. Alot of the songs DO sound similar, but they're all so awesome it doesn't matter. Like Meshuggah's Chaosphere, this album is an enbodiment of the term 'heavy'.

Every now and then, the ablums breaks off for a beautiful orchestrated piece which were composed by an Icelandic composer whos name I can't recall. These pieces kick off, and end the album. Beautiful.

Heaven Shall Burn are politically charged, and completely veagan. Not very "metal" but don't let that stop you from checking out this album, it's priceless, and possibly the #1 metalcore album of '04. Also, the albums bonus' tracks are uproaressly fun. Make sure you hear them.