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No comment - 5%

EvinJelin, April 26th, 2014

It's good to browse the internet searching for unknown bands. That makes you less radio-brainwashed and you can find a few things you really like but might have never heard of if you hadn't made the effort to look for them. No, that's a lie, a very sugar-coated version of the ugly reality. Really awesome people are hard to find, there are more annoying idiots in this world than there are "geniuses". So awesome music is rare too. Searching for awesome music is like a big expedition with its… failures. And Heather Leather's "We came to destroy" is one of these failures. Because they failed to play anything good or because I failed to enjoy their music? You decide.

So what we have is a 3 sisters heavy metal band, with some "We're band X and we're gonna rock you" and some shock value ("He's a child molester, fuck yeah !"). Despite having a poor production and not being an extremely ambitious band, they made some pretty catchy and enjoyable… Who the hell am I kidding, this is shockingly bad. So bad it will leave you with eyes wide open like boiled eggs.

The most striking problem is that they can not play! I usually suck at determining who plays well and who doesn't, but even I can hear it. They're not together, they have no sense of rhythm and it's not like what they play is interesting enough not to need technical virtuosity. In one phrase, they have no idea what to do with their instruments. Not any bloody little idea, nothing you'll hear will ever be remembered or at least stuck in your head for a few minutes. The vocals have no strength and sound like the singer is either 5 years old, or never hit puberty. Really, to compare this to food, it's the kind of meal not good at all, which even has a little rotten taste somewhere in the background. You won't be fed enough, and you won't even eat anything good.

But this trio's sense of songwriting will make you want to throw your plate on the wall, or if you're the really spectacular kind, spit food everywhere and punch the cook. The title track is just one of the millions of "my band rocks" songs, but one of the flattest ever made. And then, the horror. Yes, you had read that one right. They do have a song called "Child Molester", and it doesn't even have the decency of being an anti-rape song. The chorus (which is basically the only thing you'll understand from the little girl's squealing and badly recorded vocals) tells us "Child molester, come on, show me, wow ! what you do". Uh ? I guess someone thought this was sexy? No, really, I give up on that song. What's the point of it, nothing besides annoying me a lot. If you can take this seriously…

Number one on my list of musics you wish you had never discovered. Also a great soundtrack to loose your brain to. I'll say it again, there is nothing good about this demo. Nothing. The only way you'd enjoy it would be to make fun of the people who made a song as awful as "Child Molester". But you'd have to be in a good day to be able to laugh at this.