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Only one use for bad music... - 5%

EvinJelin, August 17th, 2014

Damn. Heather Leather's still around? They have a full-length album?

Well, "Princess Leather" (they could not try harder to be the most cliché heavy metal band after Manowar and Hysterica) is not "We Came to Destroy". Simply put, it doesn't have its own "Child Molester", which only means it avoids the surrealistically bad zone to be just a mighty case of bad as in not good. I tend to consider a song with an incredibly awful sound and/or offensive lyrics to be worse than a song that's just not good, but there are a few cases where the talent is so lacking it violently hits you. "Princess Leather" is an album with nothing to like and no effort put at all.

And why is it such a piece of shit? Ask yourself if you really want to hear a weak-voiced woman who never really grew up doing a King Diamond impression, even if that's way beyond her vocal abilities. Ruth Garza simply can't sing - it's almost nauseating. Oh, and the music sucks, too. Heather Leather haven't improved their musicianship at all. Remember, when someone with no musical ear whatsoever is the first to tell you can't play, that's bad!

It doesn't just sound bad, it has also no shape and no life. Songs are weakly built and very forgettable. The chorus for the title track is just an excuse to say "leather" at least 3 times and even the band's name! That's the lazy song to me. "Let's Rock" doesn't make me want to rock. In "Screaming Angels", the titular angelic scream is very annoying. And the token ballad, "Now You Return", is so boring and lazy it shouldn't exist.

That last remark may seem a bit harsh, but really, what's the use of a band that nothing about it is good? Heather Leather is empty, vacuous, dry, unsatisfying, bland, lifeless, and embarrassing. Listening to this is a waste of time. I'm glad this is their last release because it's the last time I ever want to talk about this band.