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Inconsistent - 75%

Human666, November 18th, 2007

Heathen's second album is a more ambitious album than their debut. This is more or less can be categorized as a prog melodic thrash album. The song's structures are quite complex now, there are more intros and much more noticeable leading guitar here and there. The songs are also lengthier than before, mostly hanging between 6 to 9 minutes. In brief, it's clear that their musicianship is much wiser now, but does it says that this album is better than their debut? Well, almost.

I must say that there is a big feeling of missing in this album, like there is a big potential but not the maximum gain. For instance, the opener track 'Hypnotized' begins with a bit lengthy broadcasting, later the song itself begins with a powerful intro. I mean, very intense intro. Excellent by any means: wise structure, well flowing rhythm, intense shredding with the lead guitar and overwhelming climax. Then what? A big letdown. The main riff sounds very fragile and constrained. Odd rhythmical sloppy picking on the same note plus some forgettable power chords=incompetent main riff. The vocals aren't enough solid as well and doesn't fits at all with the riff. The chorus later is okay and the soloing is perfect.

This is the main problem of this album, it's inconsistent. It's not that there are some lame tracks and some great, it's that each song has some weak spots. Some songs begins awesome and later becoming dull and tiresome, and some works the opposite way. Or in a different view, there is a serious problem with the riffage, though the leading guitar is great.

It isn't a bad album after all, but it could be much better one if the rhythm guitar was a bit more tighten. The song writing is excellent that's for sure, the structures are quite convincing and even though that the songs are a bit lengthier than their first album, they flowing great. But it's still quite annoying that there are too much generic riffs among the excellent leading guitars...

Anyway, it isn't their best album in my opinion. It's more ambitious album, less catchy and less impressing after all. But still, if you liked their first album, don't miss it.